Introduction to Genetics

How did I become the way I am?

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How did I get green eyes?

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    •The Code
This website has interactive DNA - put it together, see how base pairs fit together, and how the double helix is formed!
    •DNA from the Beginning
This website has all kinds of animated lessons for students to learn classic genetics
    •The DNA Files
NPR series on DNA with other resources on the website.
    •DNA Workshop
Students can replicated DNA if you have a shockwave player
    •DNA: The Instruction Manual for All Life
This helps students see the scale of DNA - it starts with a hand and moves down the scale. It also has a little informaiton about Rosalind Franklin
    •DNA-o-gram Generator
Create a DNA-encoded message!
    •Genetic Science Learning Center
More interactive DNA translation and protein synthesis. Also has links for cloning, stem cell research and other hot issues.
    •Unwinding DNA
    •The New Genetics: A Resource for Students and Teachers
Has a huge amount of links!
Genetic Engineering
    •Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers
Essays about genetic engineering - what it is, etc
    •Improving Nature or Uncorking the Genie?
Student page on genetic engineering with interactive activities.
    •Tiki the Penguin
Cartoons about genetic engineering.
This is the website for the movie. It has "Design-A-Child" and an ethics vote/discussion board.
Punnett Squares
    •Baby Steps Through the Punnett Square
Walks you though how to solve Punnett Squares
    •Working Out Punnett Square Examples
Interactive Punnett Squares - tells students if they are correctly interpreting Punnett Squares.
    •Punnett Squares: World
Discussion of Punnett Squares with pictures!

|  DNA  |  General  |  Genetic Engineering  |  Punnett Squares  |

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