Early California Indians

How did geography affect the tribes that lived near you?

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Each California tribe has its own culture and history. Work in groups of 4-5 to learn about two tribes. Choose one from two different areas in California:

- The Central Valley and the Mountains
- The Coast
- The Desert

Collect information that helps you answer the following questions:

In what ways were Native Californians alike?
Why do you think early people formed tribes?
How did living in different regions affect California tribes?

Central Valley and Mountains
Online Dictionary
    •Miwoks Information
Detailed page about the Miwoks
    •The Yokuts
Site with some pictures
Detailed info
    •History of Tachi Yokut Indians
Did you know Tachi's are part of a larger division of native Americans known as Yokuts?
    •Yokut Information
Check this website out and learn to play Yokut games.
    •Miwoks of Yosemite
    •The Miwok - Mount Diablo's Earliest Inhabitants
    •San Fernando Nations
    •History of Chumash
Excerpts from a History Book by John Anderson.
    •Growing up on the Chumash Coast
    •Chumash Indians
    •Yurok Indian Fact Sheet
Webpage for kids about the Yurok Indians with links to pictures and other webpages about the Yuroks.
    •Song-Dance of the Yuroks
The Brush Dance heard here is performed by the community as part of a healing ceremony for a child.
    •Quechan aka Yuma
    •Early Peoples of the Mojave Desert
Poster that provides history and background information on the Mojave tribes: the Kawaiisu, Kitanemuk, Serrano, and Koso, and Southern Paiute bands, including the Chemehuevi. (More detailed reading)
    •Mojave Indians
Did you know that Mojave means "people who live along the water?" This site provides history by the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
    •Room 31's Study of the Mojave Tribes
Background and videos of students' reports
    •The Lost Creation Songs of the Mohave People
Mojave recordings of creation stories
    •California History Online
    •Indian images
    •Online American Indian Museums
Historical Yuman Diegueno artifacts and information on Kumeyaay Indians from San Diego area
    •Indian Nations
Historical background of American Indians (In Depth)
    •Indian Tribes of California
A project created by the students the Lo-Inyo Fourth Grade Class
    •Symbols of Indigenous People

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