Tornado Pictures

How do tornadoes work?

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Jonathan Covacha

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First clip of a tornado movie. Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences. University of Illinois. 2000.


See different pictures of tornadoes and other weather disasters. What type of tornado causes more damage?

    •Grade 7 Natural Disaster Project
A link that shows the different sizes of tornadoes through the Fujita scale.
    •Natural Disasters
This is a link that describes the different kinds of natural disaster that happens around the world. This is a very kid friendly site with writings that can be easily understood by the students.
    •Tornado Videos
Sample tornado videos from Kansas and other areas in the midwest.
See many amatuer pictures of tornadoes and other weather phenomenas. You can also upload any pictures that you might have.
    •Twister: The Tornado Story
This website conatains pictures of victims of tornado and also their story about their encounter. Also, it has other options where you can click and see experiments that can be done with tornadoes, and professional pictures.

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