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Who Am I?

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Jenith Mishne

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Play with Me! Picture by Jenith Mishne


This resource list is an introduction to Digital Storytelling. Students will create a story told by pictures.

Integrating the Technology
    •Importing photos into iPhoto
How to import photos.
    •Using Power Point in the Classroom
This is one way students can create their story.
    •Interview Questions
Some ideas to guide teacher and student
    •How to Storyboard
A site to help teach the idea of sequencing ideas through the use of storyboards.
    •Storyboarding 1: Just the Basics
A great example of a short storyboard with all the pieces.
    •Center for Digital Storytelling
A resource to see some examples.
    •Why Storytelling
A teacher resource for storytelling in the classroom.
Taking Great Pictures
    •Tips for Taking Great Pictures.
A walk-through Activity to help students take better pictures.

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