The First Americans

Who are Native American Indians?

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The Americas has been home to rich cultures of people for centuries. Long before European settlement there were hundreds of tribes of people living throughout the Americas. Through the links provided below you can explore some of the perspectives and cultural identities that make up this diverse group of people.

    •Indian Arts and Crafts Association
This site will link you to samples of modern Indian art.
    •Native American, Maynard Dixon, and Fine Antique Indian Art
You will find pictures of antique Indian art.
General Information
    •Native American Home Pages
This is a great portal to explore various themes in Native American culture.
    •Native American Tribes
Here is a third grade teacher's web site that links to a lot of relevant information.
    •Native American Housing
Here you will find examples of some of the different types of housing structures used by Native North Americans.
    •Indian House Records
This website is a source for Native American music. There are many sound bites to explore.

|  Art  |  General Information  |  Housing  |  Music  |

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