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Why is it important to eat healthy and exercise regularly?

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Did you know that we are in a battle against obesity right now? Do you know what obesity means? If not, don't worry! We will be learning more about nutrition and exercising through using this website. We will learn new words and their meanings, interesting science facts, delicious new recipes for healthy snacks, fun exercising games, and more!

    •The Government's Website on the Food Pyramid
Be Active
Come here to play some games related to nutrition and fitness!
Healthy Sites
Enter this site to read about interesting nutrition facts. Copy down some recipes to make a healthy snack and share them with your friends! There is also a calorie calculator to tell you exactly how many calories you had eaten that day! Many other activities are available on this site...come explore!
    •KidsHealth for Kids
Have a question? Send it in and have it answered by a health professional! This site includes a variety of information including a page on how to deal with your emotions when an issue comes up.
    •Kellogg's Kids' Health & Fitness
If you have a topic in nutrition or fitness you want to know more about, tell your teacher or parents about this site. Lesson plans are available to teachers for free!
    •Dole Superkids!
Tired of the same snacks day after day? Come here to learn how you can create new snacks using the same ingredients you have at home!

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