Great Yosemite Valley Adventure

Discover how this great valley was created and what calls it their home.

Created by,
Adrienne Ferreboeuf

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Use the links below to help you explore the creation of the magnificent Yosemite Valley. Explore the rock formations and understand how the valley was formed. Delve into the lush valley floor, see what lives there compare that to the flora and fauna of the high mountains.

    •Formation of Yosemite Valley
Shows images of the valley created over thousands of years.
    •Yosemite National Park Interactive Classroom
Facts on the history of Yosemite. Descriptive information about the valley and the various types of flora and fauna.
Photographs of animals and plants of Yosemite, as well as gelogical formations.
    •A Brief Story of the Geology of Yosemite Valley
Description of geologic events which created the valley.
    •Yosemite National Park-Geology
Types of rocks and rock formations found in Yosemite.
    •Yosemite National Park Geology
    •Reptiles and Amphibians of Yosemite National Park (1946) by M.V. Walker

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