Natives Of The West Coast

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This site is has a good list of fun resources for finding information about the history of California's Natives. You can learn about where the different tribes lived, what their cultures were like, how they dressed and what their spiritual beliefs were for example. You can also learn how the lives of Native Californian's were changed when they came in contact with Spanish explorers who created the mission system. There is a map showing where all the missions are located as well as information about what daily life was like on a mission.

    •California Missions
An interactive map of each of the California Missions with information on each.
    •California Mission History
A look into Camino Alto and the missions that lie on it.
Online Museum
    •Online American Indian Museums
An online museum of Native Americans, including Native Californians and many useful links for research.
    •Indian Chiefs and Leaders
Pictures of some famous Native Americans.
    •California History Online
A timeline of California history which includes a link to describing the different native tribes.

|  Map  |  Missions  |  Online Museum  |  Pictures  |  Timeline  |

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