Slope of a Line

How does slope effect a line?

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Melinda Kolk. Logical - Mathematical Intelligence. San Diego, California. March 2003


Use the resources below to learn about the slope of a line. Discover how slope effects a line. Follow the worksheet to work with a line. Notice how the line changes as we change the slope. Are there any generalizations that you notice? Are there any unique situations in which the slope is negative, zero, or undefined?

Introduction to Slope
    •Math Forum: Slope (Chamelean Graphing)
This is a great step-by-step introduction to understanding slope.
Tools for Slope Discovery
    •Earth Math - Slope of a line
Use this tool to see how the slope is calculated by plotting two points on a graph.
    •PlanetMath: Slope
Use this site to read the definition of slope and other mathematical terms
Quiz Your Knowledege
    •Purple Math - Slope Formula Quiz
Use this online quiz to check your knowledge of slope.
    •Purple Math - Slope Sign Quizlet
Use this online quiz to check your knowledge of the sign of the slope.

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