Living Memories

How have family stories and events helped to shape our lives?

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Beth Jackson

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Human face masks: Inuit; West Alaska © 2001 William Leonard


We will be exploring life events that one of your family members has experienced. You will be interviewing and documenting their memories. Remember, the longer the person has lived, the more memories they have! As you explore the three timeline formats, think about questions you will ask.

*Research the three timeline formats to explore the different formats.

*Interview a family member and document 10-15 important events in their ife thus far.

*Create a timeline using those facts.

Timeline formats
    •San Francisco History 1950-Present
Use this website to explore San Francisco’s historical timeline from 1950-the present. Use this resource to view an established timeline that will help model the creation of the timeline you create with the “In Living Memory” lesson plan from the BBC website.
    •Jazz Timeline
Use this website to explore another format of timelines using jazz influences throughout time. This is another variation of timelines and documentation is to explore the interactive timeline in the lesson “A Jazz History”.
    •Time for Kids-Black History Month
Explore this website as an example of a timeline with photos that link to research.
Timeline Template
    •Walk through time.
Follow the directions under each category: *Find a Relative *Talk! *Listen! *Write! After you have shown you written "walking memories" story, creat a timeline with the events you have noted.

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