What Does It Really Cost?

Do stores like Wal Mart really help the nation save?

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Shelly Caress

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When people think of Wal-mart they think of a place they can go to buy quality goods for inexpensive prices. In a falling economy that can be helpful. As we have heard in basic economics, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." What does Walmart really do for our country? Does this corporation take action, no matter the cost, to bring the U.S. low prices? Does Walmart stay committed to their advertisements and provide this country with employment opportunities? You be the judge...do you think Walmart saves this nation money or do you think this corporation adds to the problem?

Buisness and Economics
    •Democracy for all
This website offers both pro and con information about Walmart
    •Front Line PBS-Is Wal-Mart good for America?
Although some economists feel Wal-Mart has aided our ecomonomy PBS wants to take you to the reality of how much the low price really costs.
    •Wal-Mart Fact Page
Will give a first hand look at all of the beneficial acts Wal-Mart conducts for the U.S.

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