But Can You Say It?

Reading and writing whole numbers to the millions.

Created by,
Joanna Kahn

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Joanna Kahn, 2006


Have you ever seen a really big number but you did not known how to say it? Have you ever wondered what the different numbers even meant? The following web sites will help you work on your number sense skills so you will know how to say any number that you can write!

How do you say it?
    •Big Numbers
This site is neat because you can type in any number you want and it will tell you how to say it!
What do the numbers mean?
    •Fun Brain- Place Value Puzzler
If you think you're ready to test your skills, check out this site!
    •Place Value to Thousands
Go to toonuniversity and choose from three different levels of difficulty. See if you can answer the math questions correctly to make the duck hit the golfball!
    •Number sense: place values, tens and ones exercise; software programs- Dositey educational site
This site shows you pictures of how many tens and ones a number has in it. You have to guess the number correctly to move on to the next question!
Can you choose the correct amount of tens and ones in a number to make the volcano erupt?

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