Day of the Dead-Dia de los Muertos

Who celebrates the dead?

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Search the website and find as many traditions of Day of the Dead. Make sure you include images in your search. Have fun and think about the colors used in the pictures or images you find. You will need to organize what you find for a presentation in class.

Day of the Dead
    •Day of the Dead
Read the article and find as many Day of the Dead traditions. Think about these questions: What do they they celebrate on this day? What can I do? What can I make? What colors do I see in pictures of Day of the Dead?
Look over some of the crafts for Day of the Dead and pick your favorite? Why did you choose this craft?
On the right hand side in BLUE there are several receipes of traditional food. Look it over and pick your favoite to make in class.
    •What do you see?
Look over the images? Think about what you see? Think of how you celebrate the dead? What is differnet about this celebration? Use some of these images to decorate your posterboard.
Misconceptions about Day of the Dead
    •Common Misconceptions about The Day of the Dead Celebrations
Read some of the misconceptions or mistaken ideas that people have about Day of the Dead.
    •Day of the Dead - Dia de los Muertos - Glossary
Please become familiar with some of the vocabulary realted to Day of the Dead.

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