What You Don't Know About Octopi!

A sea creature with a beak?

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Did you know an octopi has a beak to eat its prey, can taste with its suction cup, and change colors like a chameloeon? Well, soon you will be an octopi-expert and know all sorts of amazing octopus facts!

This a great site to start familiarizing yourself with octopi info.
    •Octopus: Facts, Photos, Videos -- National Geographic Kids
Read how octopi are just every bit as magical as Harry Potter. Once you are on this site make sure to click on the other pages to read more fascinating information on octopi.
    •Earth stories for kids
Wow, is there some exciting information on this site or what? You definitely want to read this site!
Parts of the Octopus
    •Octopus - Enchanted Learning Software
To be a real octopi-expert you must know the parts of an octopi. Check out this great site below to see what's what on an octopus.
    •NOAA Ocean Explorer: Octopus
A great photo of an octopus.
    •2000 leagues under the sea - The Legend of the Giant Octopus
There is a great close-up photo of an octopi's suckers.
    •Mimic Octopus
Can you see the octopus in this photo?
Another super photo showing an octopus amongst a rocky background.
True or False
    •Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
This is a fun activity to do after you have read all the information and seen all the photos of octopi. Can you figure out if this website is true or false?

|  Facts  |  Parts of the Octopus  |  Photos  |  True or False  |

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