Organization of Ecosystems in the Physical Environment

How can you name the five levels of environmental organization in an ecosystem?

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David A. Bruce

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Bruce, David A. (author) "Marin Headlands and Wetlands." Painting 2002


Here's a great resource list of ecological web sites to help you understand more about a wetland's ecosystem environment, it's population of organisms and the food web they depend on within the Earth's biosphere.

Earth Science
    •Kids and Science Education
Students will learn about how some organisms react to others in the food web and in their physical environment. Just enter 'ecosystems' or 'organisms' in the search box of this great website.
Populations and Organisms
    •Principles of Biology: Ecosystem
Students can find out how populations of organisms can be categorized by the functions they serve in the ecosystem.
Wetlands Research
    •Nation Wetlands Research Center
Get to know about the types of resources and abiotic factors needed to support organisms in an ecosystem, such as soil compsition, light, water, and temperature range.

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