An Introduction to Jazz and Jazz Musicians

What is Jazz Music?

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This site will introduce you to the exciting world of jazz music. The links will send you to websites where you can learn more about different jazz composers and artists, as well as a little bit about jazz history. Take some time to browse the different sites and learn about the distinct music of jazz!

    •A Passion for Jazz! Music History and Appreciation
This site has a wealth of information including a jazz timeline.
    •Biographies of Jazz Musicians
This site offers biographies of many famous jazz musicians.
This site features the famous Harlem 1958 jazz portrait by Art Kane and includes bios on the musicians in the photo.
    •Jazz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This site offers an overview of jazz music as well as the histories of different styles of jazz music.
    •Jazz Musician Profiles: Top 200
This site has links to the biographies of the 200 most popular jazz musicians.
    •Jazz | PBS Kids Go!
This site is made for kids and includes short biographies of famous jazz musicians
    •Jazzitude | Brief History of Jazz
This site offers a history of the various styles of jazz music.

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