History of Peace Movements in the U.S. / Currently Active Peace Movements

U.S. Anti War Movements in the 1960's

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Created by Gennaro Pollio "Peace March in San Francisco" 5/17/2002


The subject for this research paper is antiwar movements of the sixties and the present. I believe this field, as a topic for high school history students, is both important and timely.
I have provided links for students to begin their research projects, on the subject of the peace movements in the 1960’s. This assignment is an 'internet' research paper. I used the internet to find sources from the Vietnam era peace movements that would shed some light on the level of organization and determination that was present to end that war. Student must contribute to this web research list.
For the historical component, the Vietnam anti-war movement research, the sources provided are from the course material and primary digital archive documents provided by universities and other institutions. These sites provide additional links for your continuing research.
In addition to the web sites provided for researching the present anti-war movements, you are to perform several online searches independently. Begin your research using these search engines, google.com, ask.com and dumbfind.com. The results will provide more than enough sources. Using the search words ‘antiwar’ and ‘peace movements’ provided many antiwar web sights to visit.
Besides making for a more entertaining and diverse outcome, taking advantage of the theory of multiple intelligence in a high school history class presents no difficulty. Encouraging students to explore cultural components of the political historical period under study, allows for the use of differing sources of information. When studying the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's, the music, art, literature, movies, sports, and other cultural trends add to our understanding of the public sentiments of the period.

Historical Archives and Documents
    •Stanford University Archives
Historical documents from the U.S. anti war movements of the 1960's.
Historical Research
    •Stanford University Archives: MLK/Vietnam War
This archive provides speeches, articles, pamphlets and pictures of Martin Luther King's invovlement in the anti war movement.
Peace Movements
    •Vote No War
A contemporary anti war website. Provides much updated information on the war. Also provides links for other sites and information.
Sixties Project
    •University of Virginia
This archive provides the chronological progression of the Vietnam anti war movements in the 1960's.

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