Wacky World of Animals

What do you know about animals?

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There are a lot of wacky animals living all around us... but, how much do you know about your furry (and not so furry) friends?

Animal Activities
    •DLTK's Animal Crafts for Kids
Activities that can be done with children, which include: crafts, coloring, printables, worksheets, and games.
Animal Books
    •Books for Children and Yound Adults
Books, books, and more books about animals!
    •Teaching and Animals: Book and Video Recommendations
List of recommended books about animals.
Animal Games
    •Animal Games
Fun online animal games for children.
Animal Poems
    •Children's Poetry in the Poetry Zone
Poems for children, by children.
Children's Animal Books
    •Powell's Books - Children' s Animals
Lots of different animal books for children.
Fun Facts and Trivia
    •Amazing Facts, Fun Facts, Interesting Facts, Useless Facts
Fun, fun, fun facts and trivia!!!
Types of Animals
    •Animal Groups
Here is a list of all the differnt groups of animals and a description of each.

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