Being Ohlone

What was life like as an Ohlone Indian?

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Hemen,Janice. Aspen trees. July 2006 Pics4Learning. 17 Oct 2006


The Ohlone Indians who lived in the Bay Area had very interesting lives. They were able to live with the spirits and animals and not be scared. These smart people relied on their land of rich resources to survive.

A Legend about why Ohlones eat acorns
    •An Ohlone Legend
Coyote told the Ohlone's to gather acorns so they would not starve. Legends explain the Ohlones' lifestyle.
Land of Abundance
    •Castro Valley - Coastanoan and Ohlone Indians
Here are some pictures and descriptions of the land when many Ohlone Indians lived here.
    •Village Life of the Ohlone Indians
It is important for the Ohlones to hunt, trade, gather acorns, build, make baskets, and communicate with the spirit world.
Taking A Field Trip to discover the lifestyle
    •Learning About the Ohlone Indians
See kids like you learning about Ohlone Indians at Sanborn Park.

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