Basic Percussion Technques

What are the basic rudiments of percussive instruments?

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This website provides the basic rudiments of percussion techniques. In particular, this site provides the basic international percussion rudiments performed on snare drum.

Basic Percussion Techniques
    •Basic Snare Techniques
Provides effective methods for learning basic snare technique.
Drum Beat
    •Resources on Drumming & Percussion
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced drummmer, you'll find something of value in this archive of free drum lessons courtesy of Tiger Bill Meligari. They are organized by topic.
Drum Lesson Database
    •Lessons: A Drum Lessons Database
Play drums knowing the proper drum rudiments. - At least the basics. Marching drum rudiments, rudiments for snare drum, quads, and drumset.
Drums and Drum Sets
    •Drums and Drum Sets
The snare drum rudiments are a standard set of exercises used to build drum technique and stick control. Drum rudiments were not specifically invented for the drum set, but are important to playing the individual drums from which the set is made. Also, some rudiments can be practiced and applied on more than one drum.
    •Drummers Lounge
This site is dedicated to drummers and percussionists from around the world and provides a wealth of information on basic percussive techniques.
Marching Percussion Techniques
    •Marching Techniques
This website is designed to provide basic information on marching percussion. Included is information on basic and sizes of drums and cymbals, tuning, and maintenance, rehearsal techniques, mallets, sticks, heads, and arranging advice.
Snare Drum Rudiments
This website provides basic snare drum rudiments.
Tools for Timpani Tuning
    •Tools for Timpani Tuning
This website provides the basics of timpani tuning and sound production
Vic Firth Snare Drum Rudiments
    •Snare Drum Rudiments
Welcome to Vic Firth's Drum Rudiment page! Included in this section of the website are all 40 of The Percussive Arts Society's Essential Snare Drum Rudiments, along with videos of each rudiment being performed by Dr. John Wooton, audio play-along files, exercises that apply the rudiment to "real world" musical phrases and practice suggestions from the Vic Firth Education Team. To get started, grab your sticks and a practice pad and select a rudiment from one of the rudimental families below

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