Butterflies in The Big City!

How can you bring nature to your urban school?

Created by,
Amber Rojas

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Kircus, Marilyn . Butterfly on Wildflower. butterfly.jpg. 2004. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 17 October 2006.


Use these websites with an older partner to learn about gardening and the insects you can find! You can plant on your own and watch the garden grow!

    •How To Make Butterfly Gardens
This shows the different plants butterflies like.
Fun with Flowers
    •Gardening for kids!
Try planting these hearty plants on your own!
    •Woods (make your own garden)
Use this site to build a garden of your own on the computer!
Life Cycle of a Plant
    •Plant Life Cycle
This site has a great illustration of the plant life cycle.
    •Plant Needs
Everything different types of plants need.
Parts of a Flower
    •Anatomy of a Flower
All the different parts of a flower!
Soil and Insects
    •The Field Museum-Underground Adventure
There is so much here! You can learn about soil and insects.

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