Invasive Species

How introduced organisms affect our environment

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Benjamin Lavender

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(Presidential Executive Order 13112, 2/3/99).


There has been an absolute explosion in the number of introduced species throughout the world recently. These organisms, which can predate on or simply out-compete local organisms can have devastating effects on local ecosystems, food webs, commerce, agriculture, and trade.

Through this project, we will hopefully get at a better understanding of why introduced species are such a problem, how this species explosion came to be, and ways that we can possibly minimize or even counteract the effects of these harmful organisms.

General Searches
A great online encyclopedia that has resources on almost any toipic
Once you have decided on your species for your project and have gotten its full name and images from the resources above, you can input the name into google to find additional resources.
    •List of Invasive Species Worldwide
A comprehensive link provided by Wikipedia to help you find a species to work on
Invasive Species Databases
    •National Invasive Species Information Center
A site run by the U.S. department of agriculture. Has a search-able database with lots of information
    •The Source for Information and Images of Invasive & Exotic Species
Another great site for finding information, and more importantly pictures on invasive species
    •Global Invasive Species Database
Can be tricky to use, but if you have the scientific name of your organism, this site yields a ton of useful information
    •Nonindigenous Species Database Network
This site is really good and provides instant links to images, fact sheets, and other relevant information
    •Guide to the Exotic Species of San Francisco Bay
The name says it all. Great if your are into underwater organisms

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