Pluto's Not a Planet Anymore

Why is Pluto no longer a planet?

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Diana Dell

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After being classified as a planet for more than 60 years, Pluto has been demoted! Why would scientist change Pluto's status?

Read this poem by Jeff Mondak. Then listen to it being sung by Alex Stangl.

Use the websites listed below to answer the questions that are raised in the poem/song.

What does it mean that Pluto lacked the girth?
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    •Definition of "girth"
What happened concerning Pluto in 1930?
    •Pluto Facts
Where is Prague, who met there, and when was the meeting?
    •Pluto Vote Hijacked
    •World Atlas
    •Pluto's Planetary Status Teeters -- Again
Why is Mercury feeling hot?
    •Mercury Information
Why is Neptune nervous?
    •Planets of Our Solar System
    •Solar System for Kids

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