Penguins Around the World

What would your life be like as a penguin?

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Misha Villa-Popescu

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Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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There are seventeen species of penguins found in different parts of the world. Come learn about the differences and similarities between them!

    •Adaptations for an Aquatic Environment
This website explains how penguins survive in several ways.
    •Diet and Eating Habits
This page gives information about a penguin's diet.
General Information
    •KidZone Penguins
You can navigate through this page to find penguin photos, activities, and facts.
    •Penguins Around the World
This site is a wonderful starting point to get acquainted with the different species of penguin and basic facts.
    •Appendix: Penguin Species
Pictures and descriptions of the 17 different species of penguin.

|  Adaptations  |  General Information  |  Species  |

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