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What weather event can be the most devastating?

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Cyndy Everest-Bouch
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Use the websites below about weather and disasters to:

- collect information about weather phenomena;

- predict which phenomena is the most devastating;

- and create a hypothesis, questions, and ideas about the weather event that is the most devastating.

    •Blizzards and Snow Theme Page
    •Movies about Blizzards
    •Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters
    •Natural Disasters
    •Natural Disasters: Forecasting Economic and Life Losses
    •NOAA Reports Record Warmth for January
    •Search the NCDC Storm Event Database
    •Storm Prediction Center
    •Storm Prediction History
    •The Disaster Center
    •Worldwide Weather and Climate Events of 1991–2001
    •A Comparison of Droughts, Floods, and Hurricanes in the U.S.
    •Drought - Dust Bowl
    •Drought Floods & Prayer
    •Droughts: What’s a Drought?
    •A Comparison of Droughts, Floods, and Hurricanes in the U.S.
    •Flood Deaths by State; 1988–1997
    •Hydrologic Information Center: Floods
    •A Comparison of Droughts, Floods, and Hurricanes in the U.S.
    •Hurricane Definition
    •National Hurricane Center
Multiple Categories
    •Apple Learning Interchange
Select Resources and search for topic.
    •FEMA for Kids
    •Meteorology: Online Guides
    •The Societal Aspects of Weather Web Site
    •U.S. Geological Survey: Search for Topics
    •Impacts of a Projected Depletion of the Ozone Layer
    •Ozone Science Crossword Puzzle: Online Version
    •Stratospheric Ozone
    •Discovery Channel: Tornado
You can grow your own tornado on this site!
    •Storm Chaser Homepage
    •The Tornado Project Online!
    •Tornado Damage Risk Assessment: Dallas/Fort Worth
    •Tornado Project Online
    •Twister: The Tornado Story
    •Where Twisters Strike Most…USA Today
    •Glossary of Weather Terms
    •Live Weather Images
    •University of Michigan Weather Sites Page
This page provides access to over 380 North American weather sites.
    •USA Today Weather Links
    •Weather Impacts in Canada With Graphs of Costs

|  Blizzards  |  Disasters  |  Droughts  |  Floods  |  Hurricanes  |  Multiple Categories  |  Ozone  |  Tornadoes  |  Weather  |

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