An American Awakening: The Harlem Renaissance Aesthetic

What are the lasting contributions of The Harlem Renaissance?

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Michael Crystal

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The Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. Photo by Stern, 2006.


The period between 1920-1940 in New York City's, Harlem neighborhood, is generally referred to as The Harlem Renaissance. This was a period of great change that was reflected in art, music, and literature. Use the links listed below to explore these themes and topics in greater detail. Enjoy, and feel free to navigate all of the information possible.

    •Introduction and links to the Harlem Renaissance
This website has comprehensive information about The Harlem Renaissance. Among the information, you can find links to artists, musicians, and writers.
    •Harlem Renaissance/Wikipedia
Wikipedia offers excellent background information to this time period. It is a great place to start your research.
    •African American History
This link provides information that is not only relevant to The Harlem Renaissance, but to African American history in general. It's great if you want to research a particular figure.

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