Battles in the Pacific: WWII

What impact did the battles in the Pacific Ocean have on the outcome of WWII?

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USS Missouri firing 16" guns, Chongjin, Kprea, October 1950.


WWII was a two front war that occurred on the continent of Europe as well as in the Pacific Ocean. The USA waged war against the Axis Powers, and specifically Japan in the Pacific, fighting not only to preserve American democracy, but to maintain Pacific superiority.
Use the following sites to research the major battles in the Pacific between the USA and Japan, and in so doing, pay particular attention to the outcomes of each battle and the overall impact the outcome had on each country during WWII.

    •Pacific Naval Battles in World War II
The website discusses specific Naval Battles in the Pacific during WWII.
    •World War II-Asiatic-Pacific Theater 1941-1946
This is a site dedicated to the history of the US Navy and provides an overview of Conflicts in the Pacific among others.
    •Pacific War
General Information of the Wars in the Pacific are provided by this site.
    •The History Place
Time Line to Major USA Battles including those in the Pacific arena.
    •Militray History Online
This site provides both an overview of and specific details regarding the history of the USA Military, including battles in the Pacific.

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