Mystery Book Club

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Donna Blanton

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You will find new adventures to help solve the mystery before the detectives on the case. Make sure you keep good notes and pay attention to the details. Jigsaw Jones said "the clues kind of tell a story."

    •Mystery Net Kids
Here you can help solve a mystery and some other cool stuff. You can also read mystery stories written by other students like you.
    •Cam Jansen Website
I hope the pictures show up for you. There are some short mysteries to read and games to play.
    •Scooby-Doo Mysteries
Listen to the mystery podcast story and see if you can figure out the mystery.
    •Mystery Hunt
Your invited to be a detective and solve a mystery scavenger hunt. Beware of red herrings along the way.
    •Nate the Great
Snoop out the detective, write your own mystery, crack a code,find a missing pet. Have fun!
    •A to Z & Capital Mysteries
Visit Ron Roy's website. After you read these books you can take a trivia challenge on the website. See how well you know A to Z Mysteries and Capital Mysteries
    •The Case of Grandpa's Painting
You choose the story line by clicking on the choice of which story line to follow.
    •The Art of Crime Detection
See how and why you can crack a crime!
    •AE Mystery Spot
Pick a mystery to read and solve.

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