Murals in the Mission

How do murals communicate to people in a community? What are their significance in the history of communication?

Created by,
Shannon G.

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"Chinese Zodizc." Precita Eyes Muralists Urban Youth Arts Class. 2004.

Meet the Author:

Shannon G.

San Francisco, CA 

San Francisco State University

English/Language Arts
My Philosophy
I believe in learner centered activities. It is important to find ways to draw connections between the curriculum and the students' realities. I am not excited about teaching directly from the prescribed, sfusd curriculum. I am ready to find activities and methods of employing the curriculum while creating interesting experiences to learn.
My Community
I live in, "NOPA" which is, North of the Panhandle in San Francisco. Because I am located close to the University of San Francisco, there are many students and professors who live in my neighborhood. NOPA is an eclectic neighborhood where people come from many diverse backgrounds. It is a younger neighborhood and while there are families, there are more students and young professionals who are found in the local grocery store and at the bus stop. Divisadero and Upper Haight Street are the closest commercial areas to my apartment. There, you can find many different restaurants ranging from deep dish pizza to Ethiopian food. There are tattoo shops, organic markets, hair and nail salons, and gift shops. My favorite music venue, The Independent, is just six blocks away from my residence. There you can find music reaching all genres and levels of popularity.
My Environment
I attend San Francisco State University. I am attending in hopes of being credentialed at the end of the two semesters. The program has an eclectic group of students. Everyone comes from different educational backgrounds and levels of teaching experience. Some students went to State for their undergrad, others attended other universities. In class, the students are able to draw on a wide range of experiences and perspectives.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I am presently assigned to observe at Mission High School. I will be participating and observing in an 11th/12th grade ESL class. This is a seperate class from the, 'mainstream' classes. The goal of this teacher is to raise the students' proficiencies to integrate them into the, 'mainstream' classes. Tomorrow is my first day of observation!

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