Why Don't Fish Live in Trees?

Every animal has special tools that help it survive in different habitats

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San Francisco, CA 

San Francisco State University

San Francisco Unified School District

My Philosophy
I am working on my multiple subject credential at SFSU where I am student teaching. Building a classroom that operates as a team while celebrating and discovering each individual's strengths is what I hope to accomplish in my classroom. Interactive and hands-on learning that is fun and memorable will be what I aspire to create.
My Community
I live in the city of San Francisco where I student teach at an urban school in the San Francisco Unified School District.
My Environment
The credential program is aimed at preparing teachers for urban setting classrooms with culturally diverse students.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I am student teaching small groups and whole classroom lessons in a first grade classroom. I will be working in a fourth grade class in the spring.

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