The World of Abstract Art

How Do Abstract Artists See The World?

Created by,
Ellie Tognolini

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Picture by Nora Im. First grade. "My Self Portrait." October 2004.

Meet the Author:

Ellie Tognolini

Daly City, CA 


San Francisco

My Philosophy
Teaching is a wonderful and rewarding profession. Learn as much from the kids as they do from you and end each and every day knowing you are making a difference in the lives of little ones!
My Community
I live in Daly City near Mission. I live with three girlfriends so our neighborhood can get a bit scary, especially at night. I am student teaching at Jefferson Elementary on 19th and Irving. I teach first grade and am inspired by all the minds of all the first graders. I enjoy it greatly.
My Environment
Jefferson Elementary seems to be a great school and I feel very comfortable and respected by all the staff and students. My master teacher, Jennifer Tom, is excellent and I will learn a great deal from her teaching exerience and expertise in the teaching profession.
My Roles and Responsibilities
We are to be observing for the fist semester, but that is too boring for me. I take notes and observe as i go through each day. I help the students with reading and writing assignments and take turns with Ms. Tom reading aloud to the students. My goal is to have a classroom of my own and feel comfortable and confident being the main teacher and mentor in the classroom.

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