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Gillian G.

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People Making The World Better Through Their Art, 2006 Precita Eyes Muralists, San Francisco, CA.

Meet the Author:

Gillian G.
San Francisco, CA 
My Philosophy
I think online communities are great for exchanging information. At the same time, I kind of resent my computer for taking up too much of my time. It's like computers are replacing TVs in terms of wasting brain cells. However, I realize that this is the 21st century and computers are important to how the world functions, so I want to learn more about them in order to include them in my curriculum.
My Community
I live in the Mission District of San Francisco and I love it. It's very sunny, it's really diverse. Spanish is spoken most places here. There are lots of cool parks, shops, restaurants and of course beautiful murals, which I love to see on my way to do things.
My Environment
I'm a student in the Combined Credential/Masters in Special Education program at SF State. This is my first of 2 years in the program and I haven't begun my student teaching yet, but I volunteer once a week at Fairmount School in the outer Mission, which is a bilingual school.

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