Native Americans of California

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Lieberman, Terri. "California Indians."

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Kelsey Fatland

San Francisco, CA 
My Philosophy
I believe in making learning fun for students. I am a devoted life-long learner and enjoy learning from my kids, my students, and my colleagues every day. I hope to instill the love of learning in my students. Regarding online communities, I have never been a part of one so I have no philosophy yet except that I am excited to try it out.
My Community
I work in the heart of San Francisco. Within a 10 minute walk from our school you can visit the Asian Art Museum, City Hall, the main public library, the opera House, and the symphony hall. There are many restaurants and shops as well as a maze of public transit options. The neighborhood is a bustling, urban environment.
My Environment
I work at the Chinese American International School. It is a private school whose mission is to educate students to be bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. The students spend half their day learning Mandarin Chinese and the other half the day is in English.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I teach one of the 4th grade English sections. I am responsible for teaching Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies.

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