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Bill Kane

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Vincent Van Gogh www.grolier.com

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Bill Kane

south milwaukee, WI 


south milwaukee

My Philosophy
Make learning interesting. Teach academics as well as how to be a good human being. Have a sense of humor.
My Community
SM has a bit over 22,000 people. You have a mixture of high income, middle and low income families. There is a central business district and the community is heavily involved in all aspects of their children's education. Music and sports take a high place in the people's minds. One of the largest county parks is located in SM.
My Environment
We still have neighborhood graded schools. My school is located on the southwest side of town. 33 years ago the area was a corn field and now it's houses everywhere. We have 2o classroom teachers and a ton of support and special teachers. 450+ children attend my school
My Roles and Responsibilities
I cover everything but Art, Music and Phy-ed. I teach Math, Science, Spelling, Reading, Social studies, Health, Computers, Penmanship, Keyboarding, Sex Ed, and English. I run the Safety Cadet Program, I'm the Athletic Director and I fill the Soda Machine. Since I've been around for so long, I know where everything is stored and how to find every cord, plug or fuse box.

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