Scanning with Students

Using Scanners in Your Classroom

Created by,
Carmen Marty

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Meet the Author:

Carmen Marty
Shrewsbury, MO 
University Faculty
4, 5, 8
My Philosophy
I believe that as an educator students learn best when they answer their own questions. I believe that is my job to guide them to find the answers, ask more questions, draw conclusions, and then ask now what? Student need to know how to find information and problem solve. They are no longer the receivers of knowledge, but they are an active part of the learning.
My Community
I live in a community that borders St. Louis City. It is a small town in a big city. We have lots of neighborhood parks, a pool, and recreation center.
My Environment
I work with several schools in a metropolitian area.
My Roles and Responsibilities

Every year my responsibilities change. I work for a grant funded program and provide professional development and classroom coaching to teachers as they transform their classrooms into an eMINTS classroom.  We work to integrate their current curriculum into our instructional model which is based aroudn the following four catagories-Inquiry Based Learning, Powered By Technology, High Quality Lesson Design, and Community of Learners.

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