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Sally Stratton
Brent Howard

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Centennial Middle School, 6th grade, January 17, 2006

Meet the Authors:

Sally Stratton

Mead, WA 
Technology Coordinator
English/Language Arts
Home Economics
My Philosophy
All learners can learn when a teacher is willing to differentiate instruction.
My Community
I coach and mentor teachers from various school districts in eastern Washington on a EETT grant called NO LIMIT (New Outcomes: Learning Integrating Math in Technology. The focus of the grant uses Professional Learning Communities of teachers working to increase student achievement in their grades 5-9 classrooms. My workspace is at the Educational Service District 101 in Spokane WA, however the majority of my time is spent in the schools working with teachers and students.
My Environment
Of the 59 school districts that ESD 101 serves, seven received the NO LIMIT grant. Three of these districts (Ritzville, Tekoa, and Wellpinit)will be my major focus. However my counterpart,Brent Howard, and I will collaborate on the various elements of the professional development.
My Roles and Responsibilities
Math and technology is the focus of the grant and my coaching/mentoring centers around increasing student achievement through imbedded professional development throughout the school year. Each teacher receives a laptop, document camera, and digital projector the first year along with training to integrate it into the everyday fabric of their classerooms.

Brent Howard

Spokane, WA 

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