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Marilyn Jett, Trail in Acadia Nat'l Park. 2006

Meet the Author:

Marilyn Jett
West Union, WV 

Doddridge County Elementary

Doddridge County

English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4
My Philosophy
My goal as a teacher is to provide the best possible learning environment for my students. I feel that children need to move around a bit to be effective learners. I try to design activities and projects that challenge the imagination as well as reproduce a skill. My goal as an Ecoach is to help teachers design projects that will develop an understanding of the Standards as well as make learning fun for students.
My Community
I teach in a rural county that is spread into many small communities. The ties to these communities are very strong. Many families have been in Doddridge County for several generations. We have very few businesses located in Doddridge County. Most of our workforce travel to a nearby county for employment. A large percentage of the population is Senor Citizens who take an active role in educating our children.
My Environment
We have three schools in Doddriddge County. The student population for our elementary, middle, and high schools is approximately 500 students per school. Our children have access to Title 1, Special Education, and Counseling services. Our school received both the Reading First and EETT Grants this year. A lot of new and exciting changes are happening here. We also have Project Isaac and School Day Plus programs available for working parents.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I teach second grade in our new Doddridge County Elementary School. We have a wonderful facility with the exception of our classrooms being slightly small for the 25 students that fill them on a daily basis. Many of our students come from a low socioeconomic environment. Lack of resources and exposure bring learning difficulties into our classrooms. We have a wonderful staff who work hard and are willing to try and learn new things. They are very supportative of the many projects happening in our school.

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