An Introduction to Jazz and Jazz Musicians

What is Jazz Music?

Created by,
leah plack

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Benjamin Crowell, 2002. Copyleft licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, CC-licensed textbook Discover Physics.

Meet the Author:

leah plack

San Francisco, CA 

Jefferson School


English/Language Arts
Fine Arts
Physical Ed
My Philosophy
My philosophy is to make subject matter relevant, fun and engaging for the students. I come from a musical background, having gotten my undergrad degree in music, and I hope to translate my appreciation of music to the classroom. I also strive to include artistic and personal expression into the students' classwork. I feel that we all learn better when we can personalize and internalize our work.

Although I teach younger students, it is very important to me not to marginalize or talk down to them. I feel that having high expectations of your students can only raise the bar of what they can achieve.
My Community
My school is in the Inner Sunset, where the population is mostly Chinese. The neighborhood is full of small, private businesses with relatively few corporate businesses.

Being in the city of San Francisco, there is a huge wealth of museums at our disposal. My class regularly takes our students to Golden Gate Park. We also recently made a trip to the Acadamy of Sciences in SOMA. We as teachers are lucky to have many local resources for our students.
My Environment
Most of my students come from families who speak Cantonese or Mandarin at home. Several students have parents or grandparents who speak little to no English.

Our school has an after school program. We also have an artist who leads art lessons with the students, as well as a musician who teaches music classes. There is an on-site special education teacher who divides her time between the students as well as a speech teacher who is there twice a week.
My Roles and Responsibilities
My class is a kindergarten class with 20 students. We have a wide variety of achievement levels, which seems to depend quite a bit on the child's previous experience (pre-school, etc.)

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