Murals in the Mission

How do murals communicate to people in a community? What are their significance in the history of communication?

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Shannon G.

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"Chinese Zodizc." Precita Eyes Muralists Urban Youth Arts Class. 2004.

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Murals in the Mission
Themes: Communication through the visual arts
Curriculum Areas:English/Language Arts
Grade Level(s):11
California English Language Development Standards
Reading Comprehension
Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate Text
Present a brief report that verifies and clarifies facts in two to three forms of expository text.
Read text and use detailed sentences to identify orally the main ideas and use them to make predictions about informational text, literary text, and text in content areas.
Strategies and Applications
Organization and Focus
Write brief expository compositions and reports that (a) include a thesis and some supporting details; (b) provide information from primary sources; and (c) include charts and graphs.
Write responses to selected literature that exhibit understanding of the text, using detailed sentences and transitions.
Organization and Focus, Research and Technology
Investigate and research a topic in a content area and develop a brief essay or report that includes source citations.

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