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Can you identify what is safe to do on the Web?

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Get Wise and Know the Internet!

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Net Safety
Themes: browsing
Curriculum Areas:Technology
Grade Level(s):7, 8
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Technology Applications
Grades 6-8
TECH-(6-8).3. The student complies with the laws and examines the issues regarding the use of technology in society.
TECH-(6-8).3.D. identify the impact of technology applications on society through research, interviews, and personal observation.
Information Acquisition
TECH-(6-8).4. The student uses a variety of strategies to acquire information from electronic resources, with appropriate supervision.
TECH-(6-8).4.A. use strategies to locate and acquire desired information on LANs and WANs, including the Internet, intranet, and collaborative software.
TECH-(6-8).4.B. apply appropriate electronic search strategies in the acquisition of information including keyword and Boolean search strategies.
TECH-(6-8).5. The student acquires electronic information in a variety of formats, with appropriate supervision.
TECH-(6-8).5.C. use on-line help and other documentation.
TECH-(6-8).6. The student evaluates the acquired electronic information.
TECH-(6-8).6.A. determine and employ methods to evaluate the electronic information for accuracy and validity.
TECH-(6-8).6.B. resolve information conflicts and validate information through accessing, researching, and comparing data.
TECH-(6-8).6.C. demonstrate the ability to identify the source, location, media type, relevancy, and content validity of available information.
Solving Problems
TECH-(6-8).7. The student uses appropriate computer-based productivity tools to create and modify solutions to problems.
TECH-(6-8).7.D. demonstrate proficiency in the use of multimedia authoring programs by creating linear or non-linear projects incorporating text, audio, video, and graphics.
TECH-(6-8).11. The student delivers the product electronically in a variety of media, with appropriate supervision.
TECH-(6-8).11.C. use telecommunication tools for publishing such as Internet browsers, video conferencing, or distance learning.
TECH-(6-8).12. The student uses technology applications to facilitate evaluation of communication, both process and product.
TECH-(6-8).12.B. determine and employ technology specifications to evaluate projects for design, content delivery, purpose, and audience, demonstrating that process and product can be evaluated using established criteria or rubrics.
TECH-(6-8).12.D. evaluate the product for relevance to the assignment or task.

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