Where did Van Gogh go?

Searching the Internet for famous and not so famous artists.

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Bill Kane

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Vincent Van Gogh www.grolier.com

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:art history internet research
Themes: art history
computer integration
internet use
Curriculum Areas:Fine Arts
Other: art history
Grade Level(s):5
South Milwaukee Information and Technology Literacy Standards
Essential Standards and Benchmarks
Grade 5
A. Media and Technology
A.5.1. Identify and define computer and networking terms.
A.5.2. Demonstrate the correct operation of a computer system on a network.
A.5.3. Organize and backup files on a computer disk, drive, server, or other storage device.
A.5.4. Explain the use of basic word processing functions.
A.5.6. Move textual and graphics data from one document to another.
A.5.7. Access information using a modem or network connection to the Internet or other on-line information services.
A.5.8. View, print, save, and open a document from the Internet or other on-line sources.
B. Information and Inquiry
B.5.1. Identify relevant sources of information including print, non-print, electronic, human, and community resources.
B.5.2. Search for information by subject, author, title, and keyword.
B.5.3. Use note taking strategies including summarizing and paraphrasing.
D. The Learning Community
D.5.1. Collaborate with others to identify information needs and seek solutions.
D.5.2. Demonstrate acceptance to new ideas and strategies from workgroup members.
D.5.3. Determine workgroup goals and equitable distribution of individual or subgroup responsibilities and tasks.
D.5.4. Plan for the efficient use and allocation of time.
D.5.5. Complete workgroup projects on time.
D.5.6. Evaluate completed projects to determine how the workgroup could have functioned more efficiently and productively.
D.5.7. Describe and explain and demonstrate the district school policy on technology and network use, media borrowing, and Internet access.

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