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How to read a weather map and find the weather you need!

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Carolyn Compton

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Curriculum Snapshot:
Themes: Doppler Radar
How to read weather maps
Where to find local weather
Curriculum Areas:Science
Grade Level(s):1, 2, 3, 4
Missouri Content Standards
Science (2005)
Grade 1
Strand 5.. Process and Interactions of the Earth?s Systems (Geosphere, Atmosphere, and Hydrosphere)
SCI-1.5.2. Earth's systems (geosphere, atmoshpere, and hydrosphere) interact with one another as they undergo change by common processes.
SCI-1.5.2.F.c. Compare weather data observed at different times through out the year (e.g., hot vs. cold, cloudy vs. clear, types of precipitation, windy vs. calm)
SCI-1.5.2.F.d. Recognize patterns indicating relationships between observed weather data and weather phenomena (e.g., temperature and types of precipitation, clouds and amounts of precipitation)

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