Coral Reefs

Why are They Productive Ecosystems?

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Michelle Chang
Elizabeth Nager

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Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Coral Reefs
Themes: Conservation
Curriculum Areas:Science
English/Language Arts
Grade Level(s):5
California Content Standards
English and Language Arts
Grade Five
ELA.5.2.0. Reading Comprehension (Focus on Informational Materials)
Expository Critique
ELA.5.2.5. Distinguish facts, supported inferences, and opinions in text.
ELA.5.1.0. Writing Strategies
Organization and Focus
ELA.5.1.2. Create multiple-paragraph expository compositions:
a. Establish a topic, important ideas, or events in sequence or chronological order.
b. Provide details and transitional expressions that link one paragraph to another in a clear line of thought.
c. Offer a concluding paragraph that summarizes important ideas and details.
Research and Technology
ELA.5.1.4. Create simple documents by using electronic media and employing organizational features (e.g., passwords, entry and pull-down menus, word searches, the thesaurus, spell checks).
Grade Five
Investigation and Experimentation
SCI.5.6. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations.
SCI.5.6.h. Draw conclusions from scientific evidence and indicate whether further information is needed to support a specific conclusion.
SCI.5.6.i. Write a report of an investigation that includes conducting tests, collecting data or examining evidence, and drawing conclusions.

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