Snakes Alive

Could A Snake Eat Me For Lunch?

Created by,
Donita Edgell
Ashley Maxey
Ramonetta Holt

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Pedroni, Leilani. Sleeping Boa Constrictor. sleepingboa.jpeg. 2004. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 18 August 2005.

Curriculum Snapshot:
Themes: Animal Behavior
Giant Creatures
Curriculum Areas:Science
Grade Level(s):4
West Virginia Content Standards
Fourth Grade
Standard 4: Science Subject Matter/Concepts (SC.S.4)
SC.4.4.1. describe the different characteristics of plants and animals which help them to survive in different niches and environments.
SC.4.4.2. associate the behaviors of living organisms to external and internal influences (e.g., hunger, climate, seasons).

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