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Bray, Barbara. Bird Nest. birdsnest.jpg. 2000. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 26 January 2006.

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Birds & Bird Identification
Themes: Feeding/Food
Habitat of Birds
Curriculum Areas:Geography
Grade Level(s):6, 7, 8
Wisconsin Model Academic Standards
Grade 8
Standard A. Science Connection
SCI-A.8.1. Develop their understanding of the science themes by using the themes to frame questions about science-related issues and problems.
Standard C. Science Inquiry
SCI-C.8.1. Identify questions they can investigate using resources and equipment they have available.
SCI-C.8.2. Identify data and locate sources of information including their own records to answer the questions being investigated.
SCI-C.8.3. Design and safely conduct investigations that provide reliable quantitative or qualitative data, as appropriate, to answer their questions.
Standard F. Life and Environmental Science
SCI-F.8.8. Show through investigations how organisms both depend on and contribute to the balance or imbalance of populations and/or ecosystems, which in turn contribute to the total system of life on the planet.
SCI-F.8.9. Explain how some of the changes on the earth are contributing to changes in the balance of life and affecting the survival or population growth of certain species.
SCI-F.8.10. Project how current trends in human resource use and population growth will influence the natural environment, and show how current policies affect those trends.

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