Nat Turner

Was Nat Turner's Revolt a Success?

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Discovery of Nat Turner (Image from the Library of Congress collection)

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Nat Turner
Themes: 1 Events leading up to the Civil War
2 Nat Turner Rebellion- 1831
3 Effects of Nat Turner Rebellion
Curriculum Areas:History/Social Science
Grade Level(s):8
California Content Standards
History and Social Science
Grade Eight. United States History and Geography: Growth and Conflict
HSS.8.7. Students analyze the divergent paths of the American people in the South from 1800 to the mid-1800s and the challenges they faced.
HSS.8.7.1. Describe the development of the agrarian economy in the South, identify the locations of the cotton-producing states, and discuss the significance of cotton and the cotton gin.
HSS.8.7.2. Trace the origins and development of slavery; its effects on black Americans and on the region's political, social, religious, economic, and cultural development; and identify the strategies that were tried to both overturn and preserve it (e.g., through the writings and historical documents on Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey).
HSS.8.7.3. Examine the characteristics of white Southern society and how the physical environment influenced events and conditions prior to the Civil War.
HSS.8.7.4. Compare the lives of and opportunities for free blacks in the North with those of free blacks in the South.

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