Stop Bugging Me!
Where in the world do all those bugs come from?
A Bug's Passport

Following the guidelines set up by the Clerical Specialist, create the final draft of your passport in which you will use to ship your bug to another country.   You may want to include a bon voyage letter and introduce your bug to the future owners or regional community in which they will arrive. 

Make a copy of the Passport and submit to your Teacher for approval. 

By Caroline Askew      May 4, 2007 -- 09:05 AM
Since my class is only researching one critter, I am thinking that I'll have my kids make a "work visa" for their bug to stay if he's beneficial. That is, if we don't run out of school year, first!

By Caroline Askew      April 25, 2007 -- 04:16 PM
My only suggestion here is that some kids might need an example of a passport. My kids would LOVE something like this. For kids that don't do well with language, they could fill the pages of pictures of their bug in the different places it's visited.

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