Stop Bugging Me!
Where in the world do all those bugs come from?
Choosing Your Role

Your home group of four members will need the following specialist to complete rest of the  tasks. Choose a role that will interest you.

Becoming an Entomologist:  Each person in the group can contribute a bug to the collection for study. 

1.   Identification Specialist: It is your responsibility to identify each bug with websites listed and other books found in classroom or library.  Some links are provided.

2.  Care Management: Store, feed or mount bug in proper fashion. Use links on food and care.Determine what the animals need to exist in their environments.

3.  Environmentalist:  Decide which countries have climates and animals similar to ours.  Locate and choose a foreign country where our bugs could survive. 

4.  Clerical Artist:  Gather information critical to Passport procedures and create a document that will describe the details of all species in general.  View examples from links provided. 

After choosing your role:
  • Divide into groups with specialists in your same area of expertise.  (Example:  All Identification Specialists work on the same materials in a sub-group)
  • After your sub-group completes their research, return to your original home group to share your information and complete the project. Website links are listed on the sidebar under your area of specialty.
  • Submit a document to the teacher with a list of roles and responsibilities for each participant in your home group (and keep one for your notebook).

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