Stop Bugging Me!
Where in the world do all those bugs come from?
Bringing it all together
The intention of this project is to encourage collaborative work in classrooms. A blog has been created for optional use.  There are also comment boxes on all pages.  This is also a good place for student communication so feel free to let students comment on their findings or questions.  You can add a picture into your blog using the text editor. 

Here is the link to the tutorial. The text editor works in both FireFox.

The project was designed for students grades 3-7, but I am sure you can modify (clone) and use it with any grade level. This project can vary in length. 1-2 weeks seems to be ample time.  Although, student interest may create field trips for collecting, or design software for passports, etc. 

I would really like some feedback on how I could add to this project.  If you have some great websites, worksheets, or activities, please send and we can revise what is here. 

Thanks in advance for your input,

By Judy Pelley      May 15, 2007 -- 07:08 PM
Something you might like to add after the unit has been completed is to have the students make a "bug" of their own with pipe cleaners, beads and feathers. These "insects" could be the catalyst for numerous creative writing activities-- what its name is and how/why it got it; character traits; why my 'bug" should be allowed to remain in the classroom (persuasive writing); adventures of...; take pictures of each critter in a different location and write about how it got there or describe the spot and have others guess the location (descriptive writing, details). The list is endless! You could even vote on one to become the class mascot (critter) and give it special jobs or responsibilities. This could be a great begining of the year activity, one that could be continued for quite some time.

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