Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects
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Weather and its affect on the Environment
This is a collaborative project about Weather between Pinellas Park Elementary, Morgan fitzgerald Middle, and Pinellas Park High School and 6 grade levels (K, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10).

The students worked together to answer "How do the differences in the environmental conditions at a "green space" and a "white space" affect temperature, humidity, wind direction, and wind speed?

Example Activities:

Integrating math and weather by using weather symbols to show a repeating pattern using Kidspiration.

Students createed Weather Symbols to learn about the seasons.

Students and teachers from Pinellas Park High School, Morgan Fitzgerald Middle and Pinellas Park Elementary took a field trip to Weedon Island. Students made observations about vegetation and weather and conducted tests on water.  The High School teachers made an interactive power point presentation following the field trip that their students were to complete in class.  The presentation started with a brief history of the island.

Selected students from Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School came to Pinellas Park Elementary to conduct experiments with the Kindergarten students.  These experiments were designed by the middle school students. They had to come up with the experiment and set it up as a lesson for the younger students.  In addition to working together, the middle school students were acting as the "teacher" in order to help the kindergarteners learn the concept of wind.